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3 years ago

कोई शब्द पकाता है, पर पेट नहीं भरता,
कोई रोज हराता है अधिकार नहीं करता …

मिट्टी की दुनिया में, रोटी की चाहत से,
कोई रोज टूटता है आवाज नहीं करता …

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3 years ago

The Best Thing In Life Is

Having A Loving Partner
In Your Life ...

Who Won’t Walk Away In
Your Darkest Moments ...

And Loves You

♥ ♥ ♥

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3 years ago

Dil kisi se tabb hi lagaana jab dilon ko padhna seekh lo,

Warna har ek chehrey ki fitrat mein wafadaari nahi hoti....♥♥♥

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3 years ago

Love can happens only once..

Next time its only Compromise.

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3 years ago

Izhar-e-Yaad Karon Ya Puchon Haal-e-Dil Un Ka

Aye Dil Kuch To Bahana Bata Un Sy Baat Karny Ka ...!!

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4 years ago

Matlabi Duniya Ke Log Khade Hai,
Hatho Me Patthar Lekar...

Mai Kaha Tak Bhagu Shishe Ka Muqqadar Lekar....!

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4 years ago

kitni Ajeeb banayi Hai...

Jab yeh Uthti hai toh DUA ban jati hai,angel.png

Jab yeh Jhukti hai toh HAYAA ban jati hai,;wink.png

Uth ke Jhukti hai toh ADAA ban jati hai,/smile.png

Jhuk ke Uthti hai toh KHATA ban jati hai,sunglasses.png

Yeh KHULTI hai toh Duniya unhe RULA deti hai,♥♥

Par BANDH hoti hai toh yeh duniya ko RULA deti hai........glasses.png

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4 years ago

Being missed by someone feels
nice, but missing someone is
painful. Don't miss anyone in
your life. Walking is easy, but
walking alone is tough..... ♥

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4 years ago

We Never Know Why We Like Someone More
Than Others ..
Why We Love Someone Without
Any Reason .
Why We Feel Happy Thinking
About Their Presence ..
Because ,,
Some Feelings Has No Explanation
or Definition ..!♥

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4 years ago

Ways to Keep a Relationship Working...
1. Love each other..
2. Don’t lie..
3. Keep communication open..
4. Stay sweet..
5. When you get hurt, focus on forgiving..
6. Never talk about
7. Never say ‘it’s ok’ when it’s not..
8. Learn to put your ego aside..
9. If you say ‘sorry,' mean it..
10. Don’t compare your past with your present..
11. Don’t talk about your ex’s..
12. Practice give and take...
13. Be aware of your partner’s feelings..
14. After a fight, work on resolving the issue right
away; don’t let the days go by..
15. Although there is no ‘perfect person’ out
There IS a ‘right one’ for u.

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