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5 years ago

FriEndSHiP iS A PRiCeLeSs GiFt tHaT cAn-T Be BoUgHt Or SoLd, BuT To Have An UnDeRsTaNdiNg FriEnd iS FaR MoRe WoRtH tHaN GoLd~!

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5 years ago


Wen u need sum1 desparately, no 1 has a minute 2 spend wid u!

But wen u want 2 b alone, ppl hv a life 2 spend wid u!

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5 years ago

God won-t ask how many friends "YOU" had..!
He will ask how many people to whom "YOU" were a friend..!!

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5 years ago

When we sigh about our problam, they grow D_O_U_B_L_E, But when we lough about them.. they become O O O O O O bubbles! Have a bubbly life!

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5 years ago

They say it takes a minute 2 fine a special person, an hour 2 appreciate them, a day 2 love them, but then an entire life 2 forget them.

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5 years ago

Frndship should have
the determination like a mirror..
never loses its ability to reflect
even if it is broken into 1000 pieces..

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5 years ago

Apni fariyaad meri ki meinu yaad rakhi, Mere naal beete pal abaad rakhi, jo ve pyar karde ne tenu unna wichon mera pyaar yaad rakhi, bhave meinu sabna toh baad rakhi..

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5 years ago

Just a one day &
der wil b frndship-s day!
Before i wish you happy frndship day i just wanna

{THANK YOU}- for everytime you helped me and stood there for me.

{SORRY}- For whenever i hurt you and let you down, be sure, i didn-t mean to.

{REMEMBER}- no matter where you are or in what condition, i will always be there for you.

This msg is for you my dear friend, who made my life worth living, i hope you stay in my life forever..

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5 years ago

What is a friend.. She looks out for you, inspires you, laughs with you, cries with you, understands you, guides you and walks with you. That-s what a friend is…you.

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5 years ago

Jaisi marzi shakal banao.
Hamari dosti jhelni hi

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