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5 years ago

Best line said in friendship by missed heart: "I will wait till the day I can forget u or the day u realize that u cannot forget me"..

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5 years ago

Imagine a running race between Love & Friendship..
Who-ll win ..
Ans- None
Friendship always Compromise & Love always Sacrifices..

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5 years ago

DuRiNg OuR FrIeNdShIp, ThErE wIlL B TiMeS U wOn-t SeE Me BeSiDe U, DuN ThInK I LeFt U BeHiNd, I JuSt ChOsE To WaLk BeHiNd U So I CaN CaTcH U WhEn U Fall…

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5 years ago

Feelings R many but Words R few.. Clouds R dark, But Sky is blue.. Love is a paper, life is a glue Everything is false.. but Friendship s True…!!

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5 years ago

Is duniya main 3 tarha k log hi khushnasib hote hian, 1-wo jinhe sacha pyar milta hai, 2-jinhe acha yaar milta hai, aur 3- jinhe mera SMS bar bar milta hai..!

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5 years ago

At anytim in life if u get a doubt about our FRIENDSHIP take a coin & toss-
if its heads I-M UR FRIEND,if its tails U r mine wink.png
-By Arjun

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5 years ago

Some1 Asked me whAt make u hAppy..
He Xpectd me 2 sAy weAlth & FAme bt Suddenly
Cell Beeped & ur sms cAme.
I Smiled n sAid,This mAkes me hAppy.. Hi..!!

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5 years ago

When Your
Friend Lies To You
Is Is Not His Fault
But Is Your‘z
You Didn‘t Give Him
Proper Space To Tell
The Truth ..

~ Shakespare ~

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5 years ago

Love is something special, a treasure I want to find…To others, love is blind but for me, its not true, Coz..When I fell in love…I saw you.

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5 years ago


Boy comes home late.
Father-"kaha tha tu.."
Boy-"friend k yaha tha"
Father calls 10 of his friends.
Out of them 6 answr- -yahi pe tha uncle-
3 of them- -abhi just nikla hai-
& last 1 said- -yahi hai uncle, padh raha hai, phone du kya..-

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