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5 years ago

1c My Frnd Askd Me
"Wat wud u do if i cheat u.."
I Replid,"Trusting u is my decision n proving me right is ur choice"

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5 years ago

If I-v hurted u anytime,anywer, den I jus wana say these
"Wat d hell..
V-re made for each otr!
Who else is Gonna fight wid u othr dan me.So jst shut up & bear me"

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5 years ago

True friendship never fades with Timesmile.png, become more tasteful like old Winesmile.png), only a friend can understand words and convert the rolling tears into a Smile!

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5 years ago

Notice ur phone got heavier with this message .. it contains load of love. affection and prayers to keep u happy n safe. Have a nive sleep Good nite!

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5 years ago

My soul REACTED,
My heart ACCEPTED,
thousands wer REJECTED,
but u wer selected to b my
cho……..chweet frnd…..

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5 years ago

Best frnds r lyk a pair of scissors,
joint togthr, often go in opp dirctions,
But they giv punishment to those who
come between them……

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5 years ago

Certain Frnds Touch OUr Heart & v Can-t stop Thinking About Them.
dat is The Kind Of Frnd u r
Far Yet so Near.
Simple Yet so Precious! Thank u 4 being my frend

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5 years ago

Read clearly :- To knw diff between real and just friends!

Jf : cals ur name sweetly,

RF : cals u alwys wid stupid silly names.

Jf : "nvr seen u cry"

RF : cry wid U or stop u cryng..

Jf : wil nvr hurt u,

RF : "hurt u often wid 1000-s of apologies"..

Jf : know a few things abt u,

RF : Cud write a book abt u..

Jf : wud ignore dis msg..

RF : wil send dis 2 al real friends whom u never want 2 miss in

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5 years ago

Speaking without egos.
Loving without intentions.
Caring without expectations.
Praying without selfishness.
Is the sign of True friend...

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5 years ago

It-s gud to have money and the things it can buy but it-s also gud to check once in a while and make sure u haven-t lost the things money can-t buy... FRIENDS!

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