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5 years ago

jab dosti ki dastaan waqt sunayega, hum ko bhi koi ek shaks yaad ayega, tab bhool jayenge zaindagi ke gamon ko, Jab aap ke saath guzra waqt yaad ayega!

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5 years ago

Who is A Frnd.. Frnd is1 Who Gives Ur Bail When U R In Jail But,True Frnd Is A Person Who IS IN JAIL WID U & Says "Bola Tha Na Fasenge".

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5 years ago

Do you ever recall the first day we met.. Our first hello.. The day we became friends.. Well, I do and I will always remember. For that very day, I knew I-d cherish you.

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5 years ago

A cute thought 4 those who believe in friendship, it-s not necessary 2 share every secret beetween true friends but its important that whatever u share is true.

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5 years ago

Care is the main ingredient that keeps true friendships alive despite separation, distance and time. Care sustains love. Since I can-t see you, let my care be with you, friend!

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5 years ago

Friendship is the Medicine
For Any Kind Of Pain
Be Sure That There Is No Medicine
In The World
For Pain Given By smile.pngFriendshipsmile.png

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5 years ago

Friend, u might b a little sumthing
in dis big big world.
But hey, u r a big something in my
sweet little world.
Glad to have u..

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5 years ago

Lyf is nt abt riding BMW & Mercedes.
It abt 3 frnz on a single bike riding round d city.

Lyf is nt abt 75Rs coffee at CCD.
Its abt many frnz 2gdr sharing 10Rs dairy milk & still njoying.

Lyf is nt boasting abt a 350Rs mvie ticket.
Its abt a few frnz buying 50Rs ticket & wndring IS BAR POPCORN KAUN KHILAYEGA....

Lyf is nt abt eating at evry expensive restaurant.
Its abt few frnz,1 stove, late nyt & boiling maggi.

Lyf is nt abt 1.5 ton AC in 45 degrees.
Its abt few

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5 years ago

Lovely RoSes and lovely you and lovely aRe the things you do, buT the loveliest is the friendship of TWO, one is me and other is you..

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5 years ago

Last night God gave me 2 choices:
Either to have a good friend like you,


To have excellent memory,

I dont remember what did I choose..

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