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5 years ago

Dost pyar se bi bada hota he
har sukh or gam me sath hota he,
tabhi to KRISHN RADHA k liya nahi SUDAMA k liya roya tha....
Its a true lovable friendship.

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5 years ago

FRIENDSHIP Means Understanding,
Not Agreement.
It Means Forgiveness,
Not Forgetting.
It Means d Memories Last,
Even If Contact Is Lost

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5 years ago

Super words from a true friend:
"I am proud when you are liked by everyone..,
but it hurts when you like someone more than me..!"

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5 years ago

i thank god i'm rich,
not with money but with people likeu..
i may not have most expensive things,
but i got most precious friend like u...!

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5 years ago

The importance of a good Friend in our life is Just like the importnce of our Heartbeat!
It's not visible,
silently supports our Life!

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5 years ago

Nice saying:
Sorry works when mistake is made
Sorry doesn't work when trust is broken.
So in life do mistakes bt never break the trust!!

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5 years ago

Maana hai lakh buraiyan mujhme, par ek toh achhai hai…
Baat jo thi ab tak dil mein, Aaj wahi juban pe aaye hai…
Chaha hai sache dil se maine toh tujhko…
Ek tu hi hai wo jisne ye shayari mujhe sikhkai hai

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5 years ago

Itna pyaar paya hai aap se,
Uss se zyada pane ko jee chahtahai,
Najane woh kaun si khobi hai aap mein,
Ki aap se dosti nibhane ko jee chahta hai.9

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5 years ago

Teri muskurahat meri pehchan hai,
Teri khushi meri jaan hai,
Kuch bhi nahi meri zindagi bas itna samajh le,
Ki teri dosti hi meri shaan hai…

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5 years ago

Teachers are hot water,
parent's are mineral water,
enemies are salt water,
lover are ice water,

friendship are "Daru ki bottle".
Khushi ho ya gum, de sath har dam..

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