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5 years ago

Good Relation is lyk TAJMAHAL,
Evrybdy Will Wonder How Beautiful It Is.
Bt Nobody can Undrstand How Difficult It was to Build... $$smile.png

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5 years ago

Mistake is a single
page in a part of life. . .!!!
relation is a book
of dictionary. . .!!
Don't lose a full book
for a single page..!!!

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5 years ago

“Old friends pass away, new
friends appear.
It is just like the days.
An old day passes, a new day
The important thing is to make it
a meaningful friend – or a
meaningful day.”

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5 years ago

agr kisi ko apna dost bnao to asa bnao ki use bat khne se phle khna na pde ki ye bat kisi ko khna mt ok this is riyal friendship ok.kp9828604238

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5 years ago

Ham phulo ki tarah hasna jante hai,

Ham haskar gam chupana jante hai,

Log milkar rishte nibhate hai,

To kya hua ham bina mile hi rishte nibhana jante hai.......!

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5 years ago

Trust is the easiest thing in the world to lose n d hardest thing in d world to get back..
To be Trusted is a greater Compliment than to be Loved..!!

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5 years ago

Koi tute to sajana to use sajana sikho
Koi ruthe to manana sikho
Rishte to bante hai mukder se dosto
Isiliye unhe khubsuruti se nibhana sikho

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5 years ago

Check My English
ab cd ef gh ij kl mn
op qr st vw xyz
Did I Miss Something?
I Always Miss U

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5 years ago

Sweet but nt honey, precious bt not money, bright bt not sunshine , Improves with time but not wine. dont know? it is Friendship...!!

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5 years ago

Dost woh hai jo bin bulaye aaye,
bewajha sir khaye,
aap ek bolo woh char sunaye,
kabhi satye kabhi rulaye,
mager hamesha sath nibhaye.......

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