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5 years ago

Every Friend Can Say

"I Can Understand Ur Feelings".

But A True Friend Will

Always Say

I Can Feel Ur Feelings".

That Is D True Love F A Frnd

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5 years ago


History To Forget,

Not Maths To Calculate,

Not A Laguage To Learn.

Its Only The

Chemistry That Reacts

Between 2 Hearts..

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5 years ago

"Every One In This

Beautiful World Has

An Individual Name.

" But, V All Together Have A

Common Name


"F R I E N D S"

In Our Beautiful Hearts.

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5 years ago

When Does A Friend

Become A Best Friend?

When His Dialouge,

"I C A R E F O R U"

Converts Into

"I Will Kill U If U Don-t Care For Me"

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5 years ago

I Thank The Lord For

The Gift Of Friendship

Where I Can Be Myself

And Be Accepted

As I Am And For

Finding A Home In

The Heart Of A Friend.

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5 years ago

Friendship Is A Promise Made In D Heart.



Unbreakable By Distance.

Unchangeable By Time.
Like Us.

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5 years ago

1 Seed Can Create A Forest.

1 Smile Can Start A


1 Touch Can Show


And A Friend Like

You Can Bring Meanin 2 Live

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5 years ago

A Friend Is Like A Book

That Has To Be Read To Appreciate Its Beauty

As Such, You Are 1 Of The Finest Books Ever Written

How I Wish You Could Be Reprinted smile.png

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5 years ago

Is A gIfT,
tHaT iS fAiR iN aLl tHiNgZ.
iT rOoTs FrOm OnE-s HeArT
iNvOlVeS mEmOrIeS
tHaT sTaY nOt
FoR a WhIlE
FoR a LiFeTiMe -,-

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5 years ago

Friends Will Share An Umbrela With You When Its Raining


Best Friends Will Grab The Umbrella From You



"Run LOSER Run" :->

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