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4 years ago

101% True-
Tut jata hai gareebi me wo rishta
Jo sabse khaas hota hai,
Aur hazaro yaar ban jate hai,
Jab paisa aadmi k paas hota hai.

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4 years ago

Heartbeats R d biggest hyppocrite in d world...
They beat in ur body bt
always dance to d tune of some1 else.

Amazingly true and awesome fact.!smile.png
Gud Mrng..

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4 years ago

We hv got something with our birth fist,but bring nothing when we die with strait palm,what r smthing & bring smthing just from now.

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4 years ago

"Keep loving d person whom you like even if they didn’t respect your feelings, because at the end of the day you will still have a satisfied feeling that it’s not your fault.

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4 years ago

Never cry for the person who hurts you..
Just smile and say:
"thanks for giving me the chance to find someone better than you..."

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4 years ago

Best message for ever
"A Mother may be Educated or
Un educated.
She gives "Best guidelines in the world when u fail in ur life"

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4 years ago

The PLUS Symbol Is Made With A Pair Of MINUS Symbols.
All NEGATIVE Things Can Be Shaped As POSITIVE!
Just Be +ve In Your WALK Of LIFE...!

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4 years ago

We only get one life to live,
so why worry about what others think about your decisions?
Its YOUR life,
not theirs.
Live it up.

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4 years ago

A passi0nate 0ne:
d0 n0t w0rry if 0thrs d0nt undrstnd u..
w0rry 0nly if u cnt undrstnd urslf..!
Live in ur passi0n & l0ve ur lyf...

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4 years ago

Lucky people
get opportunities,
Brave people
create opportunities,
Real winners
r those
who convert
Their problems
in to opportunities

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