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5 years ago

Sum of the best moments in lyf

Lyin in bed listenin 2 d rain outsid

Thinkin of d prsn u Luv

A long walk on a calm road

Findin money in ur old jeans wen u need it

Gettin married 2 whom u luv as equal 2 ur parents

Holdin hands wid ur frnds

Gettin a Hug, Kiss 4m sum1 u luv. .
Vich do u lik..
-By Bhavik

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5 years ago

Wen God Solve Ur Problems,U hav Faith on his Abilities
Wen He doesnt,He has Faith on Ur Abilitis..&gt

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5 years ago

If ignorance is bliss, why aren-t more people happy..

May b bcos they dont know they r ignorant of somethings &amp try too hard 4 everything.

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5 years ago

U LuV-
U Hate-
reply plz

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5 years ago

"Paint ur heart with love.
Fill ur mind with peace.
Cover ur soul with joy.
Wrap ur drms with hope.
Enjoy ur life with confidence"

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5 years ago

Boy-Aja mere dil me aja.
Girl-Chappal nikalu kya..
Boy-Mera dil mandir thodi hai,chappal ke satth aaogi to bhi challega.

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5 years ago

A friend once asked me,
-What if I broke your trust someday....-
I replied, --Trusting you, was my decision &amp proving me right is ur responsibility !" :-|

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5 years ago

Big fights usally break the relations..

and minor misundrstndings spoil relations..

But fact is that spoiled reltions are more painful then broken ones...

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5 years ago

Reason to smile:

Every 7 minutes of every day,

someone in an aerobics class pulls a hamstring.

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5 years ago

Dont sent any messages, i dontwant 2
Dont sent any messages, i dontwant 2 see u, 2 hear ur voice, 2 think of u, ‘coz my doctor advised me 2 keep away 4m SWEETS

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