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5 years ago

A first bench student knows " TO AVOID THE PROBLEMS" But only the last bench students has the ability to "FACE THE PROBLEM" -

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5 years ago

Collage related movies.
Final exam-MURDER

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5 years ago

A boy came running 2 d lecture hall.BOY:terrorists hav kidnapped all our lecturers nd hav demanded 50 lakhs 2 release them or else they will burn them pls donate...i hav already donated 10 litres kerosene.

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5 years ago

In a School function: A lkg boy started closing his EARs with both hands when a girl was about to start her speech,
Others Asked him why r u closing ur ears,
He replied: Hey dudes she is my LOVER,she-ll start d speech as My Dear BROTHERs and SISTERs...

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5 years ago

Big gang of frnds!COlOrles dress remindng dos colorful days!Untold love!Bakery chats!Silly fght!Frndly teachrs!Un4getable Group photos!Combindstudy!Rockng farewel days! Groupdiscusns on anythg n nothg!So many lunches 2share!Rmarkble marks! Justifid mistakes!Lovable tours!SCHOOl LIFE was nothng but HEAVEN

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5 years ago

Using ur brain is strictly prohibited wen u enter in exam hall.

Q- U r in a boat in middle of river. U hav 2 candles & hav to light any 1 candle. U dnt hav anythng wid u in d boat. How 2 do it..

Ans-Take 1candle & throw it in d water.So d boat wil become LIGHTER. using dis LIGHTER u cn light d other Candle.
Another deadly ans-U throw a candle up & catch it. Catches win Matches. Using Matches u can light d candle.
If dat wasnt enough,1more ans-take water in ur hand & drop

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5 years ago

Tchr 2 a 1st standard gal wat is ur name..
Gal:wats my name..
wats my name..
wats my name....
My name is SHEELA,
Sheela ki jawani..

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5 years ago

Dear Maths,
All my life you made me find ur X ! ! ! Listen buddy..
She-s not coming back..
So please move on!

Frustrated Student..wink.png

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5 years ago

8 semesters, 80GB syllabus, 80MB we study, 80KB we remember, 80 BYTES we answer, BINARY marks we get, dis is known as BTech(Brain is Technically Empty) degree!

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5 years ago

Students song
Hm hoge all pass
Hm hoge all pass

Ho! ho!
SOTE h bindass
Likhte h bakwas
Karte h timepas
Fir B h vishwas
Marks milenge jhaKkas 1 din!!!!

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