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4 years ago

COLLOGE mean :- Come On Lets Love Oll GuyS Equally..
From: MoNica +919898123xx3

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4 years ago

Teacher:Ur son is V gud but spends 2 much time thinking abt girls.

Mother:If u find solution,pls advise.His Father has same prob.

smile.png) - by Vinu

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4 years ago

Maths Question paper.
1.Prove That 100=6 ..

Students said, "Out of syllabus".

Engg Students simply start answering.
Let a=b
then Multiply both side by 94
(100-6)a = (100-6)b
100a-100b = 6a-6b
100 (a-b) = 6 (a-b)
Jai Engg!

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4 years ago

If in examination hall
during d exam
u feel tht d paper is tough,
dont worry.
Just close ur eyes,
take a deep breath
n say 2 urself
"Dis is a very interesting subject.
I want to study it one more year"

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4 years ago

So mny hands in 1 tiffin box.
So mny Frnz at 1 bench.
So mny calls on 1 bday Nyt.
So many tears 4 1 little fight.
School tym Frnz r d bst part of life!

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4 years ago

A Girl May Not Help U 2 Get Lot Of Marks.
But Marks May Help U 2 Get Lot Of Girls.
So Luv Ur Studies,Nt Girls

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4 years ago

One fine day,all of us will get busy wid our lives,long working hours,no more classes,lectures,friends,teases & funs,SMS,wont have time 4 ourselves,on such a day,you-ll luk outside ur window alone & see da gud old memories flash you by nd you-ll get a smile wid a tear in ur eyez nd you-ll turn bak 2 ur work thinkin..I wish i could go back...Dis msg is 2 al my frndz who helped 2 create such memories,thank u 4 being a part of it..miss u all.

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4 years ago

R U High Scoring Stdnt..
Kya Aap Acchhe Marks La-La Kr Bor Ho Chuke h..


Marks Se No Marks,
Acchhe Marks Se Chutkara,
Fark Dekhiye 1st Test se..


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4 years ago

u kno y CS girls dont luv mech n civil boys
Bcz CS n is girls only hav the capacity of pendrive not piston rod n mini drafter. grin.png

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4 years ago

The Longest 5 Mins. in the World is

The Last 5 mins. of a LECTURE!!!


The Shortest 5 Mins. is

The Last 5 mins. of an EXAM!!!

Isn-t it......

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