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5 years ago

I luv my eyes when u look into them I luv my name when u say it I luv my heart when u luv it I luv my life when you are in it.

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5 years ago

I Luved Sum1,
Sum1 Broke My Heart
Into Pieces


Now Every Piece of
My Heart Loves


Ppl Call Me A

"F L I R T" =P xD

Dedicated ti all

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5 years ago

BOYgrin.pngo you have a PEN?
Girl: Yeah

BOY: Oh.. Its Out Of Ink !
Girl: What?
You�re Kidding, It Works!

Boy: It Doesn�t Work!
Well, You Try
Go, Write Your
Cell Phone Number Here =

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5 years ago

You do not know the effect you have on me because every time I see you my heart begins to smile.

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5 years ago

I never thought that you would ever do that everything we had is gone
said you loved me said never leave me maybe you just heard your wrong
cause im damaged, im damaged, don�t know what to do, baby
im damaged so, so damaged because of you

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5 years ago

Only open hearts receives love,only the open mind receives feelings, only the open hand receives touches, only the sweetest one receives my msgs..

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5 years ago

Zindagi wo jo
''guzar jay''.
Ansoo wo jo
''Beh jay''
khushi wo jo
''mil jaye''
Gum wo jo
''Beet jaye''
magar D-O-S-T Wo jo HAMESHA sath nibhay.smile.png

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5 years ago

Sum joys r better expressed in silence..
Lyk a smile holds more meanin dan laughter.
i asked myself,did i njoy meetin u in my lyf..
& trust me.
I jus smiled smile.png

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5 years ago

Bst Line By A True Frnd After Getting Angry Wid Bst Frnd-
"Ja Mene Tuje Maaf Kiya B'coz Tune
Jitna Rulaya Usse Zayada To Hum Sath Me Hase THE.!smile.pngsmile.png

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5 years ago

Hey, whts wrong with ur cell. I tried calling u lots of time. Everytime I dial ur no. it says d person u r calling is already in ur HEARTsmile.pngsmile.png

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