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5 years ago

Luv u, Bt I M not lovr,

I care u, Bt I M not ur

I do all These bcoz I M ur Friend?????..->

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5 years ago

1 Bhaiya- Yaar kanak wadan to baad Aapan jhona laun takk Punjab wich ki krange.... 2ja Bhaiya- Jo punjabi karde ne, "IELTS", Te fer Australia..!!

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sonu Posted In Jokes
6 months ago

Instead of burning a phataka..
Date a phataka...!! tongue.png

Have an eco-friendly diwali.. smile.png

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5 years ago

This msg has no Fat, No cholesterol and no Addictive,
This is all natural except With a lot of sugar.
But it can never be as sweet as the one reading it.
Happy Birthday!

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5 years ago

Ajjiya langad0lage ajjana kai..

poli yochane madabedi. Edondu ogatu.
Edara uttara


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5 years ago

Headmaster: Ee sala neenu 75% marks baro haage try maadbeeku.
Student: 100% percent barohaage maadteeni sir!
H.M: Hey joke maadbeeda..
Student: Magane yaavano first joke maadavnu..

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5 years ago

Zoology Sir : Practical-ukkum Theory-ukkum Yenna Difference...
Student : Sir, Practical naa Naanga Aruppoam.!
Theory naa Neenga Aruppeenga...
Sir : .... ....

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5 years ago

Not all fingers are of
same LENGTH,
but when they are
BEND, all stand in
EQUAL length.
life becomes easy
when we BEND and
ADJUST too certain

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5 years ago

always have a successful EXIT
then a favourable ENTRANCE. bcoz wat matters is not being clapped when v arrive. Bt being remembered when v leave

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5 years ago

EverY TesT iN ouR life MakeS Us BiTTer Or BeTTeR, EverY ProbleM CoMes To MakE Us oR BreaK Us Choice iz OuR WheTheR We become VicTim oR VictoR..
From : MoNica +919898123xx3

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