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6 years ago

"Alfaaz To Bahut Hain Mohabbat Bayan KarneKe Liye..
... -
Par Jo Khamoshi Na Samjha,
Wo Alfaaz Kya Samjhega..!

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sanjay Posted In Jokes
5 years ago

Relationship ka postmortem:p
MUST READ..grin.png:p
Girl- "us ladki ko delete kr
do. .wo achchi ni hai
boy- "ok . kui baat ni .. kr de ra
hu.. mere
liye tum jyada importnt ho . .
Girl- "tum us ladki se baat mat kiya kro..
mujhe achcha ni
boy- "okay..main fir kabhi usse
baat ni
karunga" ..
Girl- "tum us ladki sath ghumne
mat jaya
kro.. "
boy-"alright . .main uske sath ab
kahi ni jaunga ..tum tensn mat lo "
girl- "ab tum dusri ladkiyon se
baat mt
kiya kro jo flirting krti rehti
hai ..smjhe " Boy-"i m not baby.. main ab aisi
ladkiyo se
baat b ni karta ".
Boy:"us ladke ko delete kr
do. .wo achcha ni hai .
Girl: But main use kaafi tym se
jaanti hu. .aisa ni ho sakta..
Boy: "tum us ladke se baat mat
kiya kro .. mujhe achcha ni
Girl: lekin hum sirf freinds hai ..
or kuchh
ni .. tum bs shak karte rehte
ho :/ ..
Boy: "tum us ladke sath ghumne
mat jaya
Girl: lekin mere jyada dost b to
nahi hai na ..
tumhe pata hai na main jyada
ghumne ni
jaati ...
Boy: "ab tum dusri ladko se baat mt kiya
jo flirting krte rehte hai "
Girl: They're not flirting with me,
just being
friendly. . .tum aisa kaise soch
sakte ho . .

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5 years ago

The wrong kind of people hate u for the good in u & The right kind of people love u even after knowing the bad in u... That makes the perfect definition of relation.

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5 years ago

I don't want to stole ur words...

coz... i can make my own...
its called a jacks...

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6 years ago

Nice lines for a happy life :

"Satisfy the person who expect a smile frm U.
Surprise the person who never expected anything frm U".....

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6 years ago

"LOVE n DEATH r two uninvited guest, when they come nobodyknows but both do the same work, one takes the HEART and the other one take its BEATS"

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6 years ago

A research says- "Every person tells minimum 4 lies per day.. i.e. Approx 1460 a year!

& The most common lie is- "I Am fine" !!
Strange but True..

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6 years ago

True line:-
"Lovable person is the best medicine for all pains in the world".....

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AtikROCK Posted In Jokes
5 years ago

Girls are funny creatures. They hate it when you ask their age but will kill
you if you forget their birthday.

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AtikROCK Posted In Jokes
5 years ago

Funny fact:
People dont care
when theey lose
1rupee cOin from
their pOcket
Bt they feel distressing when they lose
1rupee from
their mObile!.

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