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6 years ago

We know TAJ MAHAL as symbol of love. But the other lesser known facts
1. Mumtaz was Shahjahan-s 4th wife, out of his 7 wives.
2. Shahjahan killed Mumtaj-s husband to marry her.
3. Mumtaj died in her 14th delivery.
4. He then married Mumtaz-s sister.
Now, the
Question arises
What is

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6 years ago

Lines By D
"I dont know why Life teaches Me so many Lessons..!
When I-m Not Intersested in Learning"


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6 years ago

Don-t hurt the people who cares 4 u coz they r the welwishers in our lyf sent by God...

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6 years ago

Have u ever watched sunlite
passing through rain drops..
Its just like ur sweet msgs
passing through my heart,
making them as colorful as

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6 years ago

If U Have Reasons
For Liking Some1..
Then You Are Using Your Mind,
But If U Like Some1 For No
Then You Are Using
Your Heart,
Feel the differens..Gmrng
Frm vamc

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6 years ago

It-s Madness..

To hate all roses
if U got scratch by one thorn..

To giv up all ur dreams
if one didn-t come true..

To lose faith in God
if one wasn-t answered..

To giv up all Ur eforts
if one of them failed..

To condemn all Ur frens
if one betrayed U.

Not to believe in love
if someone broke a promise N left.

Remember that Time will bring.
A new fren.
A new love.
A new life.

Never give up.
Coz Life Indeed is Beautiful..

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6 years ago

-Everyday When You Dont Come Across Any Problems You Can Be Sure That You Are Travelling In The Wrong Path-
-Fidal Castro

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6 years ago

Most of us Miss Out Lif-s Big Prizes:

Bt v r Al Eligible 4 Lif-s Small Prizes:

*A Hug frm bstfrnd
*A Short sleep on frnd-s sholdr
*A Glorious Sunset
*A chat wid 1 v hv a crush on
*An ice-cream wen its rainin
*A Silent Nyt on d Terrace
*Money frm old jeans
*A Slw Walk On An Empty Road Wid d Prsn V Luv on a ful moon nite..

So Dnt Wry Abt Missing Lif-s Big Prizes,

Bt Take Care Of D Small ones smile.png

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6 years ago

a flowers appeal is in its contradictions,
so delicate in form yet strong in fragrance,
so smal in size yet big in beauty,
so short in life yet long on effect!

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6 years ago

As i watched d ants crawl 2 d wall i noticed dat no matter hw busy dey r,dey still stop & communicate wid each other..
Hope v can b like dem..

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