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5 years ago

Sometimes I wonder why V r Frndz?
What made us so special for eachother that V chose each other as good Frndz.Then I think may b it was our fate that made us care for eachother that made us understand eachother but then again a tear comes in my eye thinking one day my Fndz will leave me getting busy with their lives but I stop my tears saying some silent words
Dedicated to all my special Frndz

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5 years ago

I say and You listen
Its a good Friendship
You say and I listen
Its a better Friendship
I don-t say and You understand,
Is best Friendship (=

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5 years ago


"When Someone
Allows You To
Bear His Burdens,
You Have
Found Deep
F.r.i.e.n.d.s.h.i.p " (:

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5 years ago

5 ¥ear Θld ß0y Asked Her Friend Wt-s Frndship?

§he Replied Frndship Iz When U §teal My çhocolates Évery ¡)ay From My ßag & I §till keep Them In The §ame Place

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5 years ago

There Is A Miracle

You Don-t Know
How It Happened !


When It Started !


You Know The Joy
It Brings !! (:

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5 years ago

I say crazy things when I m hyper but don-t do them

I say stupid things when I m angry but don-t mean them

I say hurtful things when I m hurt but don-t mean to harm you

I say silly things without thinking but laugh at myself later

To all my friends who ignore my crazy talk, laugh at my silliness

Forgive Me if I had ever hurt You
ThnkZzZ for accepting ME as I AM..!! =)

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5 years ago

Main tumhein bhul jaun yeh kabhi ho nahi sakta,
Aur Tum mujhe bhula do..
Ye beghairti main hony nahi dunga
Dedicated to all my

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5 years ago

Narm Lafzo-n Se Bhi Lag Jati Hyn Chautei-n Aksar

Dosti Ek Bada Nazuk Sa Hunar Hoti Hy

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5 years ago

(AaZma¡§h DAY)

Aaj doston ko azmane ka din hai..
Apne har dost ko jis trha azmana hai azmao me b apko azma raha hon



Yar 500 ka ezy load to kara do.

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5 years ago

"We are just friends"

Girls use this sentence when they want to start the relation.

Boys use it when they want to end the relation. -)

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