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4 years ago

Azadi Day.

Un rishton se azadi jin ko ap mjburi smjhte ho.

Agr apko hmari dosti mjburi lgti h t0 reply wth "yes"
0r agr khushi lgti h t0 reply wth "no"


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4 years ago

LoVeLy RoSeS
LoVeLy YoU
LoVeLy ArE
ThE ThInGs U Do,

BuT ThE LoVeLiEsT Is ThE FrIeNdShIp Of ThE TwO,

OnE Is Me AnD ThE OtHeR Is U.

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4 years ago

Why v make FRENDZ?
Coz they understand just by looking in our eyes
Coz u can say sumthing stupid or expose ur deepest secrets to them
Coz they believe in ur dreams no matter how silly they may seem..Coz they luv u for what u are..
And finally..
Coz evrything u do together becomes a memory smile.png

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4 years ago

Around the corner i have a friend

In this city that has no end

The days go by & weeks rush on

And before i know,a year has gone

I never see my old friend-s face

For life now has a swift pace

He knows i like him just as well

As in the days when i rang his bell

In times we were younger when

But now we are busy,tired men

Tired of playing a foolish game

Tired of trying to make a name

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4 years ago

Only for u
Are we frnds or
Are we not?

You told me once,but i forgot.

So tell me now
and tell me true,

so i can say,
I am here for u.

Of all the frnds
I hav evr met,

u r the one
I-ll nevr forget.

And if i die..
before you do,

I-ll go to heaven
AND wait for U!

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4 years ago

I dOnT NeEd tO TaLK wiD WrNg oNcE,
I WiL DiScuSs MY pErSoNaL LIfe wiD aNyoNe whOse pErSnOL LIfE XcItEs ME Nd thEsE r mY FrNdz. . .

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4 years ago

In life many people will help YOU

When it suits THEM


Very few people will help YOU

When YOU need it



Be the FEW to MANY

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4 years ago


What R U Wondering At?

I Hv Killed All Those Who Were Between I & U.
"Just 4 Our Friendship"

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4 years ago

The Best Things In
- L I F E -
Come In Three

Like !!!

- F R I E N D S -

- D R EA M S -


- M E M O R I E S - .. smile.png

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4 years ago

K0i "M0bile" Nhi K Jab M0del Purana Huya T0 Naya Ly Liya.
K0i "Call" Nhi K Jab Dil Chaha Attend Ki Aur Jab Dil Chaha Reject Kar Di.
K0i "Miss Call" Nhi K Kisi K0 Apni Yaad Dila Di.
K0i "Sms" Nhi K Acha Laga T0 Save Kar Liya Nhi T0 Delet Kar Diya.
D0sti T0 IK Aisa "C0nnecti0n" Hai Jis Ka "Netw0rk" Kabi Busy Nhi H0ta.

S0 is "C0nnecti0n" k0 Kabi Khatam Mat Karna.

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