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5 years ago

Make A Friend,
Its A Gift!
Have A Friend,
Its A Grace!
Keep A Friend,
Its Virtue!
But Being A Good
Friend,Its A

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5 years ago

Kadam Kadam Pe
Hum Se Talukh Rakhna
Sansu ki dur tak hum sy Dosti Rakhna
Hamari Yaadon Ke SMS Zarur Aayenge
Tum Bas Apna INBOX Khali Rakhna

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5 years ago

1 Injection of Trust,

1 Tablet of care,

1 Syrup of attention,

1 Drip of understanding,

take 3 timez a day! Its all necessary 4 the health of our FRNDSHIP!

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5 years ago

My heart is like an open BOOK
It depends on how you read ME
Don?t judge me by my COVER
Look inside and discover i will be ur true friend 4EVER??-

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5 years ago

Luv u, Bt I M not lovr,

I care u, Bt I M not ur

I do all These bcoz I M ur Friend?????..->

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5 years ago

Sacrifice is greater than love. . .

Character is greater than beauty. . .

Humanity is greater than wealth. . .

But nothng is greater than a sincere friend!!

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5 years ago

Friendship? is not something you learn in school.

But if you haven?t learned the meaning of friendship,

you really haven?t learned anything

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5 years ago

Wonderful people r carefully created by God,

Wonderful moments are carefully planned by God,

Wonderful friends like u r carefully gifted by God

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5 years ago

Walking With A Friend In The Dark Is Better Than Walking Alone In The Light .

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5 years ago

The Day U Came To My Life

I Crowned You My Sweetest Friend

I Judged You Not For Your Beauty Or Tone


B?coz I Feel You As My Own ? :->

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