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4 years ago

FrIeNdShIp . . .

Is cErTaInLy

ThE fInEsT bAlM

FoR tHe PaNgS oF

DiSaPpOiNtEd LoVe ? =)

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4 years ago

?DOSTI? me jeena?DOSTI? me mrna,
Himmat na ho to?DOSTI? na krna,
?DOST? ho kr ?DOSTI? ka haq ada krna,
wrna Saccha hone ka kabhi b dawa na krna.

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4 years ago

FrIeNdS r ThOsE

RaRe pEoPlE

WhO aSk

?h0w We ArE ??


ThEn wAiT tO hEaR tHe AnSwEr ? =)

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4 years ago

Weakly One Day Holiday,

Monthly One Day Salary Day,

Yearly One Day Birthday,

Lifely One Day Death Day,

But Sharing


Is Every Day

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4 years ago

Making Friends Is Not Abt

Collecting Pearls Or Diamonds!

Its Abt Accepting One As Coal

N Wait Til D Warmth

Of Frndship

Turns It To Diamond.

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4 years ago

PeopLe say its diffiCult to get gUd FrIends..

NaturaLLy bCOz the Gud oNes likE mE r aLready uRs!

And the greAt Ones liKe u r aLready mINE! smile.png

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4 years ago

So Many Hands In 1 Tiffin Box

So Many Frnds In 1 Bench.

So Many Calls On 1 B?day Nite.

So Many Tears 4 1 Little Fight
Frndz! R D Bst Part Of Our Life

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4 years ago

7 Very Rare Gifts Given By God,

Dad?s Hug
Mom?s Luv
Brother?s Fight
Sister?s Care
Lovely Sleep
Lover?s Hurtin
& Apun Ki
Dont Miss Them??.!

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4 years ago

DOSTI K is Khel Mein HAAR Hamari Hogi.

WO HAAR Bhi Hume JEET Se Pyari Hogi.

Tum Na Samajh Paoge is HAAR ki LAZZAT Ko.

Kabhi HAAR K Dekho JEET Tumhari Hogi.

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4 years ago

Some friends forget,
Some move away,
Some keep silent,
Some just change,
But I am not one of dem,
I remember my friends just for two moments!

"Now & Forever".

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