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5 years ago

The 1 Who Holds Ur Hands Everytime U Need Suport Is Ur Gud Frn.
Your Best Frn Is The 1 Who Holds Ur Hands Even More Tightly Wen U Say

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5 years ago

Friendship Is Not Written By Chalk

2 Erase Or Write Again.

It?s Written With Da Ink Of Love

On The Wall Of Heart

Once Written Can?t Be Changed Dats Frndship

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5 years ago

Frds R D Smell Of Cigrates

Whch Stays In D

Finger Tips 4 A Short Time

Bt True Frnz R Lik D

Nicotine In D Cigrates

Wich Stay In D Heart Til Death..

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5 years ago

F r I e N d S h I p

Is LiKe A bAnK aCcOuNt

YoU cAnNoT cOnTiNuE tO dRaW oN iT


MaKiNg DePoSiTs (=

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5 years ago

Every?Life?is written by ALLAH?S own hand

i am realy very
thankfull to

whn he wrote my life He included?YOU?as a

beautiful,sincere &good ?Friend?

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5 years ago

A Good Friend Never Allows

You To Do Stupid Things?


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5 years ago

Read slowly:
U r que tea, Love lee, Grey ate, On nest, At track thief, Cheer fool, Soup pub and u r my most Press Yes friend.
House dat!!

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5 years ago

Request hay ap say,
Refuse mat karna,
Friendship k balab fiuz mat karna,
Hum dost hain ap k,
Confuse mat karna,
Humare jaga kise aur ko CHOOSE mat karna.

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5 years ago

Flowerz Of Friendship
Never Gives Up,
Its A Promise Made Forever.
It Brings Happiness To
The Heart & Mind
Makes Every
Dream Come Alive … =]

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5 years ago

Yaad na karo ge to sataayen ge

Rutho ge to manaayen ge

Dost hain hum, light nahi

Jo har 2 ghantay baad sath chhor jayen ge

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