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5 years ago

Thinking like parents, loving like mom, doing like hitlar, learning like student, helping like edhi, observing like scientist, living like king, ordering like musharaf, looking like fox, flying like Don, speaking like galib, n last in making friend just like me

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5 years ago

Fri&#926?d$ & Fri&#926?d$hip!

It$ ? p?cK?g&#926 ?f f&#926&#926li?g$

??b?dy c?? m?K&#926 it
??b?dy c?? d&#926l&#926t&#926 it
??b?dy c?? &#926Xpl?i? it

??ly w&#926 c?? f&#926&#926l it
B&#926c?z w&#926 ?r&#926 tr?&#926 fri&#926?d$

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5 years ago

Dil ne socha khat likhu, mili na shayari pyar wali.
Phir socha likhu phool se, mili na dali gulab wali.
Isliye sms bhej raha hu taki toote na dosti pyar wali.

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5 years ago

Eyes r Parents.

Heart is Lover.

Brain is Teacher.

Brothers & Sisters r Fingures.

But A Loving Friend Is Blood. . .

So Always Keep Flowing Regularly :->

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5 years ago

I may not have an attitudelike you
I may not have a
maturitylike you
I may not have
Preferenceslike you
But I have one thing to doand that is to.
Like you

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5 years ago

Yeh Dosti ka rishta totey na kabhi,A Dost to mujh se ruthay na kabhi,Kartey hain rab se har pal yeh dua, Door reh k bhi apna saath chutey na kabhi

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5 years ago

uss simt cheley ho tu itna usey khna, baki na suney sirf tnaha usey khna, kuch log safar k ley mozo nahi hotey, kuch fasley kattey nahi tanha usey khna,

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5 years ago

Of all my friends,you are the only one i won-t forget.Even if i die before you,i will go to heaven and wait for you.

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5 years ago

A daily thought

A silent tear

A Constant wish that u r near

Words are few but thoughts r deep

Memories of our frenship i-ll always keep!!

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5 years ago

In the rythm of life, we sometimes find ourselves out of tune,
but as long as there are friends like U to provide the melody - The Music Plays On :->

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