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5 years ago

Pathar se dosti, Jan ko khatra.Pathan se dosti, Demagh ko khatra. Daru say dosti,LIver ko khatra.Hum say dosti, waqat be waqat SMS ka khatra!!

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5 years ago

Friendship is not a Game to Play
Friendship is not a game to play, It is not a word to say, It doesn-t start on March and ends on May, It is tomorrow, yesterday, today and everyday.

Moon said to me to leave your friend
Moon said to me, if ur friend is not messaging u why dont you leave ur friend.I looked at moon and said does ur sky ever leave u when u dont shine.

Age appears to be best in some things
Age appears to be best in some things. Old wood

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5 years ago

intresting na??
Relation of friendship is twice stronger than love!!

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5 years ago

Dear Friend ALIfor you

Why GOD Gave Us Friends

GOD knew that everyone needs
Companionship and cheer,
He knew that people need someone
Whose thoughts are always near.
Someone to be true to us,
Whether near or far apart.
Someone whose love we-ll always
Hold and treasure in our hearts!

Your friendship is very nice for me.

Wish u all the best, 2day & 4everrr

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5 years ago

sache dost ki 3 nishaniya..

1- bewaqt MISS CALL karenge

2- SMS muskra k e padenge

3-neeche mat padna:-

jo kaam mana karo
BESHARAM woh zaror karega

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5 years ago

A daily thought

A silent tear

A Constant wish that u r near

Words are few but thoughts r deep

Memories of our frenship i-ll always keep!!

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5 years ago

Wonderful people r carefully created by God, wonderful moments are carefylly planned by God, wonderful friends like u are carefully gifted by God

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5 years ago

Dosti zindgi jine ka paigaam hoti hai. Dosti sab rishton se mahan hoti hai. Bina dost k jina bahut mushkil hota hai, kyunki ek dost mein dusre ki jaan hoti hai

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5 years ago

Friends are like shoes, some loose some tight, some fit just right, they help u as u walk through life. thanks for being my size!

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5 years ago

Dosti ka rishta NAZUK DHAGAY ki tarah hota hai. Agar DHAGA TOOT jae to JUR jata hai LEKIN iss main GIRAH aajati hai !!!

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