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5 years ago

"Dosti ki waja nahi hoti, dosti saza nahi hoti, dosti main hoti hai imandari, dosti main duniadari nahi hoti, dost jaan se pyara hota hai, Dost se jaan pyari nahi hoti"

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5 years ago

Mehak ishiq ki kam nahin hoti ishiq se zindgi khtam nahin hoti,agar sath ho app juse dost ka to zindgi jaant se kam nahin hoti.

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5 years ago

Ye dil pyaar ke kabil na raha,koi bhi izhar ke kabil na raha,Is dil me bas gai dosti apki,ab to chand bhi deedar ke kabil na raha!

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5 years ago

S M Sdzn-t mean"Short Messaging Service" it ??lymeans"SWEET MEMORIES SHARED"wid? $pECI?,??VING,C?RING,&SW??T PER$?Nlike U =

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5 years ago

Mai Palko ko Jhukata Hu,
Bazahir Muskurata Hu,
Fakat Itna keh Pata Hu,
IMDAD ko Kitna Satae Hu..
IMDAD ko tum YAAD Aate Ho.

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5 years ago

1 Advice- Don-t change,1 Request- Take care,1 Wish- Don-t forget me,1 Lie- I Hate U,1 Truth- I Miss U,1 Hope- We-ll always be Gud Friends.

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5 years ago

Close ur eyes and make a wish,angels wil b there 2 blow u a kiss.They-l guide u and make all ur dreams come true like they did 4 me.When i asked a frind like u.

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5 years ago

Wafa itni karo kay bewafayi na rahay, piyar itna karo kay koi had na rahay, aitbar itna karo kay koi shak na rahay Aur SMS itna karo kay balance na RAHE.

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5 years ago

Doctors prescription for you, a cute smile for breakfast, more laughs for lunch, lots of happiness for dinner. My fee: An sms when you are free.

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5 years ago

Pyara sa ahsas ho tum har pal mere paas ho tum jine ki ek aas ho tum man ka ek wishwas ho tum SHAYAD isi liye kuch KHAS ho tum.

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