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4 years ago

wen i go wrong , need ur hand 2 correct, wen emotions bust out, need ur hand 2 catch, wen i win, need ur hand 2 pat. in short &quotYA HATH MUJHE DE DE THAKUR&quot

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4 years ago

Heart could only Love 4 a while, U can put many relation in a file, U can make a desert from the nile, But u cant stop my smile, when i see ur name on my mobile.!

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4 years ago

Help ever hurt never love ever.. hate naver give ever except never smile ever cry never think me ever..forget me never!

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4 years ago

It-s like reaching 4 a star, u know u can-t reach it, but u keep trying, coz.. may be 1 day that star just might fall 4 u! gud morning.

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4 years ago

When God open the windows of Heaven he saw me &amp asked &quotwhat is ur wish 2 day?&quot i said &quotLord Take Care of the Dear One who is reading this SMS&quot!

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4 years ago

This is a bridge of friendship, when you-r sad &amp lonely cross it, I -ll wait on the other side &amp if u afarid just tell I-ll cossit!! I-m your friend 4 ever!

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4 years ago

24 sweet hours makes 1 sweet day! 7 Sweet day! makes 1 Sweet week! 4 Sweet weaks make 1 Sweet person like u meakes the life sweet!

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4 years ago

Feelings R many but Words R few.. Clouds R dark, But Sky is blue.. Love is a paper, life is a glue Everything is false.. but Friendship s True!!

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4 years ago

Morning is God-s way of saying -1 more time .. Go, live life make a difference touch ones heart, encourage 1-s mind inspire 1-s soul &amp enjoy d day- 1 more time.!

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4 years ago

This Love is LOve the Love best Love way Love to Love say Love to Love U Love that Love I Love Miss Love U Love, read it again widout word Love.!

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