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4 years ago

LIFE is a mixture of 4 things.L-Love,L-Independence,F-Friend,E-Entertainment.If the 'F' is missing then LIFE become a LIE ..

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4 years ago

Zindagi Milti Hai Himmat Walo Ko,,
Khusi Milti Hai Takdir Walo Ko,,
Pyar Milta Hai Dilwalo Ko Aur,,
Aap Jaise Dost Milte Hai Naseeb Walo Ko..

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4 years ago

"U" Know the what is the beautiful part of our friendship?


See the first letter of this message!

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4 years ago

What is LOVE.?
LOVE is when mom comes at night&
"Soja baki subha uth k padh lena".,
LOVE is when we come back from
tution&papa says
"Beta late hone wale the to call kar
LOVE is when bhabi says
"Oye hero
ladki-wadki patai k nhi?"
LOVE IS when FRIEND calls n SAYS
Dont miss it in life, LOVE is not only
Dis LOVE is BETTER Dan GF or BF's
LOVE..! !

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4 years ago

FriendshiP is just like a onion if you try to cut it life has many terms and you will be sad....!

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4 years ago

"Friendship is better than LOVE"

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4 years ago

square has 4end,triangle has 3end,line has 2end,point has 1end but our frndship has no end.

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4 years ago

Dost barf ke gole ki tarah hote hai

jise banana to aasaan hota hai

magar banaye rakhna bahut mushkil hai

so take care mere barf ke gole

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4 years ago

When u do anything new

at first people laugh at you

Then they challenge u,

then they watch u succeed,
then they wish if they were u

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4 years ago

Kisine muje kaha- Tum apne dosto ko,
Itne msg kyo karte ho
Wo to tumhe 1 bhi msg nahi karte
Me has kar kehta hu, Muje DOST chahiye MSG nahi.

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