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4 years ago

Bil gates never did laxmi pooja but he is richest man,a.eaistain never did swarswati pooja but he was most intelligent,
so believe in work not in luck.

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4 years ago

worrying Does not empty tomorrow of its trouble it empties today of its strength....!

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4 years ago

The Audience Sees a JOker as a JOker
The JOker Sees himself as a PerfOrMer..
No Matter what Others think,
GO On with COnfiDence..

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4 years ago

Three dreams of a man:To be as
handsome as his mother thinks.To be
as rich as his child believes.To have as
many women as his wife suspects

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4 years ago

"Some Time We Fail to Understand the Feeling of very Close People in our Life"
Bcoz, a Book held very Nearer to Eye is Difficult to read.

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4 years ago

Touching quote:
Dont bring people close to ur heart..
Becz problem with those people is that..

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4 years ago

"God doesn't give any problem beyond ur CAPACITY. If U have any problem that means U definitely have the capability of SOLVING it.."gud evng

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4 years ago

wat u want
isn't always
wat u get.
But at d end,
wat u get
will b much better dan
wat u wanted.
Trust life,
it's always beautiful

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4 years ago

Sumtimes situation makes u 2 hate sum1.!
But,dont hate that person.
Just hate that situation.!
Nobody is bad,
situations makes a person bad!

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4 years ago

What is the main reason for every misunderstanding?
The Reason is, we see the people as we are,
But not as they are..

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