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5 years ago

Agar Kisi Pe Bharosa Karo To Akhir Tak Karo.
Natija Chahe Jo Bhi Nikle.

Aakhir Me Ya To Apko Saccha Pyar Milega.
Ya Phir 1 Acchha Sabak...

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5 years ago

"Zindagi mein kuch banna ho, Kuch hasil karna ho, Kuch jeetna ho, To hamesha apne dil ki suno, Aur ager dil se bhi koi jawaab na aaye ... To apni aankhein band karke apni Maa aur Baba ka naam lo ...Phir dekhna tum her manzil paa sakoge, Her mushkil aasan ho jayegi, Jeet tumhari hogi ..... Sirf tumhari..."

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5 years ago

Nevr Feel Sad On Losing nyThing
In Your Life.
Bcoz, WenEver A Tree Loses It's
A New Leaf Is Ready To Take Its
That's D Life:

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5 years ago

Success Is Not Like
Climbing On Ladder,
But It Is Climbing On
Because As You Go Up
You Will Get Less Space
And High Competition.

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5 years ago

A superb thought :

"You can't do anything about the length of your life..
But you can definitely do something about its depth"

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5 years ago

Always dO what u want, dOn't mind what other peOple might say,
'cause, whether u dO it or nOt...
peOple always have something tO comment.

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5 years ago

Really True:
'Haters don't really hate u...
They hate themselves because you're a reflection of what they wish to be. frown.png

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5 years ago

Lines By True Father:
My Son is My Son Till He Gets A Wife,frown.png
My Daughter Is My Daughter All Her Life. grin.png

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5 years ago

i dont know the actual meaning of maturity.
but for me,
Maturity is when
A person hurts you
... &
you try to
understand his situation insteadof hurting Him back..!!

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5 years ago

"A man is not poor without a Rupee,
A man is really poor,
without A
Pure heart

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