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5 years ago

Mistakes are painful
when they happen.
But years later a collection
of mistakes called
which leads us to success....

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5 years ago

GOD is always playing
CHESS with each one of us.
He makes moves in our LIFE
and then sits back to see
how we react to the
So make best move before

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5 years ago

One thing to be remembered in life:- "Keep things in your Heart which hurts other, but never try to hurt sum1 by hiding something in your heart...!!!!"

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5 years ago

"Losing Hope be4 d lst minute is d worst decision ever taken.
bcos every passing second is another chance 2 turn it all"

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5 years ago

True Lines in real life-

"Jab Hum ek hi mazak ko lekar baar baar hus nahi sakte to hum ek hi gum lekar baar baar kyu rote rahe..."

So keep smiling 4ever..

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5 years ago

Not all fingers are of
same LENGTH,
but when they are
BEND, all stand in
EQUAL length.
life becomes easy
when we BEND and
ADJUST too certain

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5 years ago

Its Just Meaningless In
Anyone To Be Of
Your Kind,
You Cannot Hold Their
Right Hand In Your
Right Hand To
Walk Together...

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5 years ago

"have a blast till the last""

Do d best wat comes to your mind......!!!

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5 years ago

Nature has given U a face.
U have to provide D expression.
Be careful,
Ur each expression will leave an impression in others heart.

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5 years ago

Nice Motivation quote:
u r the 1 who can better handle ur heart than any1 else
So why give it to sme1 else & complain thatthey r hurting it

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