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5 years ago

One thing to be remembered in life:- "Keep things in your Heart which hurts other, but never try to hurt sum1 by hiding something in your heart...!!!!"

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5 years ago

"Losing Hope be4 d lst minute is d worst decision ever taken.
bcos every passing second is another chance 2 turn it all"

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5 years ago

True Lines in real life-

"Jab Hum ek hi mazak ko lekar baar baar hus nahi sakte to hum ek hi gum lekar baar baar kyu rote rahe..."

So keep smiling 4ever..

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5 years ago

Not all fingers are of
same LENGTH,
but when they are
BEND, all stand in
EQUAL length.
life becomes easy
when we BEND and
ADJUST too certain

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5 years ago

Its Just Meaningless In
Anyone To Be Of
Your Kind,
You Cannot Hold Their
Right Hand In Your
Right Hand To
Walk Together...

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5 years ago

"have a blast till the last""

Do d best wat comes to your mind......!!!

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5 years ago

Nature has given U a face.
U have to provide D expression.
Be careful,
Ur each expression will leave an impression in others heart.

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5 years ago

Nice Motivation quote:
u r the 1 who can better handle ur heart than any1 else
So why give it to sme1 else & complain thatthey r hurting it

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5 years ago

Really True:
"Haters don't really hate you.
They hate themselves because you're a reflection of what they wish to be." smile.png

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5 years ago

no person in dis world has ever been rewarded for what he has recieved.
he is alwayz honored for what he has given.
so learn d art of giving.

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