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5 years ago

People will always throw stones in your path !
It depends on u ! what do u make from it:
A "Wall" of difficulties.
A "Bridge'' of success ..

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5 years ago

Without respect, love is lost.
Without care, life is boring.
Without honesty, love is unhappy.
Without trust, love is unstable.

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5 years ago

A gr8 thinker was asked-
What is d meaning of life?
He replied-
"LIFE" itself has no meaning, LIFE is an "OPPORTUNITY" 2 create a "MEANING"

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5 years ago

Cute Lines-
Tears can be Trusted more than Smile
Bcoz you can easily Smile at anybody
But can't Cry without True Feelings.

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5 years ago

An outstanding N Fantastic msg for lifetime... "You will definitely succeed
in your life if you follow all the advices that you give to others..."

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5 years ago

Nice Truth Of The Life

"Zindagi Ki Uljhane Shararaton ko kam kar deti hai,
Aur Log samjhte hai k Hum samjhdar ho Gaye hai....

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5 years ago

Beautiful msg by MOTHER TERESA
if u cant love a person whom u see, them how can u love god whom u have never seen

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5 years ago

Life is like a sea, u are moving without an end. Nothing stays with us. What remains is just d memories of some people who touched us as waves.!

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5 years ago

Great words: the difference between a corrupt & honest person is.....?? the corrupt person has PRICE & THE HONEST PERSON HAS VALUE

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5 years ago

GiVe ThoUsAnD ChAnCeS To yU'r EnEmY tO BeCoMe yU'r FriEnD BuT dO NoT GiVe A SiNgLe ChAnCe tO Yu'R FriEnD tO BeCoMe yU'r EnEmY (: !

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