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4 years ago

Ek nadi me 2 insan dub rahethe.
ek wo jise aap pyar krte h,
or dusra wo jo aapko pyar karta h
to aap kise bachayenge or kyu.............

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4 years ago

The best cosmetics in life-
TRUTH- for lips..
PITY- for eyes..
CHARITY- for hands..
Smile- for face &
LOVE- for heart..
se them well & make life

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4 years ago

Enthusiasm :

Even at the height of enthusiasm, do not lose your gentleness, your humility and compassion. Pray to be more humble, more patient, more tender, more pure, more disinterested.

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4 years ago

Perfect Peace :

If, in the midst of tumult and tempest, of trial and tribulation, of difficulty and danger, I cling to the Lotus Feet of the Lord, I shall be in perfect peace!

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4 years ago

Simple Rules :

Always speak the truth ! Never yield to anger ! Cling to the Lotus Feet of the Lord ! Share what you have with the poor and needy ! And you will be happy as a wave dancing on the sea !

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4 years ago

Greatest foe :

O pilgrim on the path, thy greatest foe is desire ! It cannot be crushed; it cannot be killed. Transform it into aspiration-and it will take you to the holy height where shines and shines the Temple of Light.

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4 years ago

Do not criticise :

It is easy enough to criticise another person's efforts. It is difficult to do the work oneself . Do not criticise. But go and do it-the better way.

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4 years ago

The 3 C 's of Life...


"Make a CHOICE to take a CHANCE ,
then your life will

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4 years ago

Anger :

If only we realised what anger does to us ! It makes us look like a rakshasa (demon), destroying the features of our face, destroying the loveliness of beauty.

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4 years ago

BADA Aadmi Banna Achchhi Baat Hai...


ACHCHHA Aadmi Banna Bahut Badi Baat Hai...!

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