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4 years ago

Zindagi Tasveer bhi hai aur taqdeer bhi...!
Farq to rango ka hai..!
Manchahe rango se bane to Tasvir,
Anjaane rango se bane to Taqdir.

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4 years ago

no poison can kill positive thinker!!!!
no medicine can cure negative thinker!!!!

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4 years ago

dream is not what you see in the sleep . it is a thing which does not let you sleep.

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4 years ago

experiance of life''keep urself busy with something or the other...
Bcoz a busy person never has time to b unhappy....!!!
ß happy.

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4 years ago

"every person around u is going 2 hurt u at sum point of time...
but its totally on u 2 decided wht is imp THE PAIN OR THE PERSON..."

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4 years ago

Reuse the past...
recycle the present...
and save the future...

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4 years ago

Waiting for opportunity is laziness.
Missing the opportunity is foolishness.
Creating the opportunity is "intelligence".

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4 years ago

"We love ourself even after doing thousand mistakes..
Then how can we hate others for one mistake?"
Dont hate the people who loves you heartfully..

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4 years ago

Swami Vivekanand said:
You think about yourselves once
in day.
Otherwise you may miss to
Meet an excellent person in this

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4 years ago

Do pyari baate apne aasuo ko itna mehanga karto ki koi use kharidane ki koshish na kare aur apni hassi ko itna sasta kardo ki har koi use pane ki chahat kare.

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