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5 years ago

Teachar to tintu
What is the full form of CLASS

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5 years ago

Guru-Kamine Dost Se Bach K Raho

Boy-Par Kamine Dost Ka Pata Kaise Chalega

Guru-Sare Dosto Ko Msg Karo, Jo Reply Na De Samajh Lo Wahi Kamina Hai.

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5 years ago

4m ragging to being seniors,
4m strangers to being frnds,
4m having crush to falling in love,
4m being freaks 2 being d dudes n dudettes,
4m joys to tears,this s the journey frm FIRST to SECOND year! Njoy the last few months as JUNIORS.... Dese r special days of our life !!

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5 years ago

Kash koi “exam result” ka insurance kara deta,
Toh har exam ka pehle premium bharwa dete,
Pass hote toh thik hai,
Varna insurance claim karva lete…

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5 years ago

Upcoming Horror Movies
*Exam Ka Khouf
*Tarapta Student
*Shaitani Books
*Result Wala Jin
*Neend Ki Mout
*Pyasa Examiner
*Ssshhh Result Ane Wala Hai.

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5 years ago

1din Jab wo Hamse Mile to bole Kya hume Yad karte ho?Ab unhe kaun bataaye ki Yaad karna itna Aasaan Hota to Ham apni Class Me 1st Na Aa Jate. Dedicated to all. Frends

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5 years ago

GK Time-
*Weekly Holiday*
-India- Sunday.
-Greece- Monday.
-Egypt- wednesday.
-Arab emirates-Friday.
-Israel- saturday.

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5 years ago

wana b 1st in CLASS?
1-wake up evryday at 5 am.
2-drink tea or coffee.
3-go 2 college at 6.00am
nobody wil b there.
u r 1st in class..!

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5 years ago

A school boy was masturbating in
school bathroom,
suddenly teacher came n open the
boy says- maam, 100 saal jiyogi

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5 years ago

What is similarty b/w air&students? . . . . . . . . . Both turn the pages of book without reading them.

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