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1 year ago

Love is that which ,cannot see the poorness...

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1 year ago

Love is like a Air ..We can't see it but! we can feel it..

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1 year ago

No matter how "busy" a person is...if they really love, they will always find the time for you.!

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1 year ago

Love is like a rubber band, when both can stretch ,and then one can release then it can heart the other!

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1 year ago

Things that never fail in life are ,True Love , Determination ,Belief..

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1 year ago

!Tomorrow is always fresh, Don't do mistakes in it.

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1 year ago

If your are not like something , then change it!

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1 year ago

Don't ask God to make your Problem Easier!Trying Yourself..

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1 year ago

Best way to make your dreams come true is to work hard.

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1 year ago

From every wound there is a scar, every scar tells a story. A story that says, I survived.!

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