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4 years ago

Communication is the lifeline Of
any relationship.
When u stop communicating,
you start losinG your valuable
relationships ...
So stay in touch always ...

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4 years ago

Love knows no reasons love knows no lies,love defies all reasons love has no eyes.. But love is not blind,Love sees all but doesnt mind....

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4 years ago

Love and trust are based on facts and acts
one wrong act can brak one's trust.....
Whereas one small fact can makes one fall in love.

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4 years ago

Sari Raat Na Soye Hm
Raato Ko Uth Ke Kitna Roye Hm
Bas Ek Bar Mera Kasur Hi Bata De
Itna Pyar Karne K Bawjud B Kyo Na Kisi K Hue Hm

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4 years ago

1). What's the point in taking drugs when you have Music?
2). Some people are meant only to stay in your heart but not in your life..!! smile.png

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4 years ago

Kabristan pe likhi touching line . . . . . Mai kisi ko kiya ko kiya ilzaam do apni maut ka a dosto yaha to satane wale b apne the aur dafnaane wale bhe apne the

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4 years ago

Here is my heart,it is yours so take it treat it gently,please do not break it , its full of love that's good and true,so please keep it always close to u

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4 years ago

Chahate ham jine wo chahate hai kisi aur ko... Khuda kare aisa ho wo chahate hai jine wo be chahe kisi aur ko... Nil

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4 years ago

Loving someone doesn't mean
You have to be with that someone,
Because sometimes
Fate plays a fool on us
And we are not meant to be together.
But still, there is love between us

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4 years ago

U want n U get, That is luck,
U want n U wait, That is time,
U want but U compromise, That is life,
U want from deeply heart but U sacrifice,
That's LOVE,

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