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4 years ago

As i hv startd studyin seriously 4 exams n i hv decided not 2 msg any mor so i believe u ppl wil cooperate wid me.Thanx..

-Height of over acting- wink.png

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4 years ago

College se
bunk karvate
hai dost.
Jhoot bol k
banate hai dost.
Paani bol k
pilate hai dost.
kuch b kaho
saale bahut yaad ate hai dost!

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4 years ago

Teacher: Now class, whatever I ask, I want you to all answer at once.
How much is six plus 4..

Class: At once!

by Vinu

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4 years ago

Edison has rightly said,
"A fool can ask more questions than a wise prson cn answer"

Now u-ll know y I m speechless during VIVA & PRACTICALS!!

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4 years ago

Har sawal se dat kar ladna
Fekne me kami mat karna
Mauka mile to piche b dekhna
Aur ek baat yaad rakhna
Aage wale k paper APNA Hi samajhna

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4 years ago

Midnite coffee
long chats
B-day bumps
bunking classes
crush on sum1
fight 4 marks
just everything.
People call it -COLLEGE-
I call it,


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4 years ago

Send me ur msgs only at these timings..
Besides dese timing i-ll b studying.Plz coperate!!

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4 years ago

Knw Wat It Feels Lyk While Xamz..

Tick Tock
Mind Block
Pen Stop
Eyes Up
Tym Shock
Jaw Drop
No Luck
Tym-s Up

Oh F**K

Xams Suck
Stil Good Luck

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4 years ago

Students which are good absorber in class are good emitter in examination and shine in result or otherwise disappear

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4 years ago

Imagine that u r driving ur brand new BMW in a dark,gloomy nite by the side of a haunted hill side house..suddenly a lorry comes an hits ur car..both ur legs r cmpletely torn.,ur eyes come out,ur body is stuck under the lorry-s rear tyres,ur head shattered and u r waving ur hands 4 help
Nw,explain the muscles involved in the ADDUCTION AND ABDUCTION OF THE ELBOW JOINT.

This is called MEDICAL VIVA!!!!!wink.png


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