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5 years ago

Knw Wat It Feels Lyk While Xamz..

Tick Tock
Mind Block
Pen Stop
Eyes Up
Tym Shock
Jaw Drop
No Luck
Tym-s Up

Oh F**K

Xams Suck
Stil Good Luck

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5 years ago

Students which are good absorber in class are good emitter in examination and shine in result or otherwise disappear

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5 years ago

Imagine that u r driving ur brand new BMW in a dark,gloomy nite by the side of a haunted hill side house..suddenly a lorry comes an hits ur car..both ur legs r cmpletely torn.,ur eyes come out,ur body is stuck under the lorry-s rear tyres,ur head shattered and u r waving ur hands 4 help
Nw,explain the muscles involved in the ADDUCTION AND ABDUCTION OF THE ELBOW JOINT.

This is called MEDICAL VIVA!!!!!wink.png


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5 years ago

Human brain is the most outstanding object in world. It functions 24hrs a day, 365days a year. It functions right from the time we are born, and stop only when we enter the examination hall.

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5 years ago

A stdnt called up
his Physics profsr,
Bt got his profsr-s wife on
the phone,
He died last week, She
Nxt day de stdnt called again
and askd 4 the profsr.
Again wife ansrd " told u
he died last week"
..Nxt day he called again.
Dis tym wife shouted "I-VE
He replyd,"i feel good
whenever i hear this" grin.png

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5 years ago

Most Insulting Lines Written on a Board in Front of a Company:
"Beggars With Plate &
BE Freshers With Resume are Not Allowed Inside."

Plz dont laugh..

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5 years ago

Kagaz ki kashti thi,
Pani ka kinara tha!
Khel ki masti thi,
DIL ye awara tha!
Kaha aa gaye is Samajdari ki Duniya me,
Wo School ka Bachpana hi pyara tha!

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5 years ago

The worlds best feeling comes wen v friends c a wonderful question paper in d examination hall & smile at each othr sayin,



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5 years ago

If all Indians start studing

all get good marks

jobs r limited

more unemployment

more youth suicides

more crime

stop studing.!.

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5 years ago

Many yrs have passed

millions of tomorrow gone

but still a hope remains
in all students dat
we will study tomorrow
From: anish9937816488

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