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5 years ago

Studies have shown that majority college students suffer from intense pain of lower jaw
dis is due to uncontrolled yawning during lectures

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5 years ago

Teacher: Now, Sam, tell me frankly, do you say prayers before eating..
Sam: No sir, I do not have to, my Mom is a good cook.


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5 years ago

In Examination Hall, How do boys Manage the Time......
1. Watching the girls around.
2. Sighting the Lady Superviser.
3. Counting How Many Windows & Doors.
4. Seeing the brand name of the pen.
5. Reading evrything writen on benches.
6. Feelings for wasting yesterday nite.
7. Dreaming to study well for nxt xam.
8. Calculating again &again d Marks he can get, out of watever he has writen.
9. Thinking abusive words for the paper setter..
10. Watching d blank ans. Sheets &a

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5 years ago

PLEDGE collge boys:

India is my nation
Girls are my destination
Dating is my occupation
Sighting is my profession
In between,
wat the hell is dis Education

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5 years ago

What is FEAR .. ..

FEAR is that deep, wrenching feeling when pages of your book still smell new and d exam is just 1 day away!!

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5 years ago

First LINE 2 WRITE IN EXAM "all d answers written below are imaginary and work of my creative mind any rememblance to TEXTBOOK iz unintenti0nal and purely accidental..

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5 years ago

5 points thät pröve "U r a Nörmäl College Stůdeńt"
1)Unnecessary talk on phone
2)Plan each day 2 study but end of d day-"Kal se pakka".
3)U hav all d data but u work 1 day b4 d dead line.
4)Rite now U r thinkin of forwardin this msg to ur friends.
5)On each point U smiled,coz its true..

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5 years ago

U knw what is d full form of college..
C- Come
o- on
l -let-s
l -love
so attend college everyday.

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5 years ago

Y is a lecturer the greatest mother..
Coz a mother can put only 1 child 2 sleep,
but A lecturer cAn put d whole clAss 2 sleep

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5 years ago

A new T-shirt quote in colleges:
"I pretend to study here because they pretend to teach me.." wink.png

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