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5 years ago

When true friendship blinds 2 indivisuals together,
That bond can never be broken

For in times of confusion,
Ill be there to listen you.

In the time of sadness,
Ill be there to console you.

In the times of anger,
Ill be there to talk with you.

Even when you are confused,sad or anything.
Search your heart and I will be there.

I am and always be your friend.

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5 years ago

This place is no longer
new to me,

But people! they are
still the same,


So are my dreams!

I wish,
you will find someone
like yourself,

I will miss you,
my dear friend,

As you are so special
to me, by all means

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5 years ago

Friends r da cutest,lovble idiots in dis world!!!

Bcoz they can die for friendship at any instant

But At da same time,they wil demand a treat for Dying.. ->

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5 years ago

Friendship is a mercury drop
If its
Impossible to
don-t drop your friends.!
Stay in touch

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5 years ago

ALLAH created me to B Ur Friend

He picked Me out frm All The Rest
bcz He Knows i m the BEST!
Dont Argue on ALLAH-s choice.
Just accepT dat u r lucky smile.png

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5 years ago

If You Angry with your Loveable Friend,
Just Put aside you Egos.

Just Hug Each Other and Say:

I Need You Idiot, at least to Fight With Me..

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5 years ago

Startz wid

Changez to "wassup"

Growz to
"oye pagal"

Tendz to
"tu apna dimagh mat chala"

Fallz to
"thappar khana hy"

"tu sambhal lena yaar"
Datz FRIENDSHIP:] thnx fr being ma frnd. =)

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5 years ago

R e m e m b e r !!

The greatest gift
Is not found
In a store nor under a tree,
In the hearts of
F R I E N D S (=

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5 years ago

"i thought u r very busy

so dint disturb u"

dis is d main reason behind most broken friendships

so keep disturbing ur frnds as i did!!!

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5 years ago

Diz Is SpEcIaLy For You

If your heart is broken tell me, I-ll get the glue =P

If you are lost in life call me, I-ll come find you (=

If you-re sad =( please just text me, it-s my obligation to make you smile =)


If you-re happy let me know =D We-ll celebrate in a unique style. ->

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