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5 years ago

"MISSING U" is my
"CARE FOR U" is my
"MAKE U HAPPY" is my
"PRAY FOR U" is my
Into keep
"FRNDSHIP" with U is my Choice.

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5 years ago

Chiragon se agar andhera dur hota, to chand ki chahat kise hoti, kat sakti agar akele zindagi, to dost naam ki cheez hi na hoti. !

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5 years ago

When U win,
I ll proudly tell world "Hey! Tats my friend..!"
But when U lose,
I ll sit by Ur side,hold Ur hand n say,"hey Im Ur friend.!"happy friendship day

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5 years ago

Good Relations R Like Trees,
They Demand Attention & Care In The Beginning
But Once They Blossoms,They Provide U Shade In ALL Situation...!!

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5 years ago

58+2 can sit in a bus 38+2 in a mini bus 12+1 in a van 8+1 in sumo 5+1 in car 3+1 in auto 1+1 in bike but only 1 can sit in my heart! That's you my friend

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5 years ago

Bhool skte hai Ek pal saans lena ,
Jee skte ahi dil li dhadkan k bina;
Par yeh gustakhi nhi kr skte,
Hum jiye aur zindagi kate apke k bina.

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5 years ago

"Trust me d most wen i deserve it the least,
that's wen i need it the most..!"

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5 years ago

Mumkin nhi dosti ko dil se bhula pana,
mumkin nhi dosti ko dil se mita pana;
Aap to anmol tihfa ho humaari dosti ka,
mumkin nhi is tohfe ki kimat lga pana.

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5 years ago

If god give me 24 hour before death,
I will spend 23:59 mins with U frnds,
& in last min
I will shoot all of U & say-
'chal na saath chalte h'

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5 years ago

Dosti ke maayne humse kya puchte ho,
hm abhi in baaton se anjaan h;
tamanna h toh sirf apke saath ki,
varna hamari duniya veeran he.

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