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5 years ago


1 Kilo dosti ko
gram smile k
sath is
trah milain
k yaden
lal ho jain
1 adad sm$
dal kr rang
0r hsbe zaiqa mis cal den
dosti tayar

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5 years ago

God wanted 2make a person full of love
He made

MOTHER smile.png

A person full of support and encouragement
He made

FATHER smile.png

Sum1 who can offer help always
He made

BROTHER smile.png

Sum1 to play pranks & add joy
He made

SISTER smile.png

Den God decided 2make a special person who has all da qualities 2gether all in 1. . .
So He made. . .


Friendship 4evr!

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5 years ago

In ThE c&#920&#920KiE oF LiFe,FrIendZ R the ChOcOLaTe ChiPs ThAt MaKe LiFe SweeT,sUrPriSnG & YuMmmY.
tHanX 4 BeiNg 1 of ThE YMmY cHoCO cHiP oF mY LIFE.
HaP? Fre?shp Dy!

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5 years ago

I Will WaLk wItH u wHeNever u wIsh
bUt pRoMise To hidE uR WiNgs BEcauSe i dOn-T waNt otHeRs tO KNOw ThaT

"mY fRieNd iS An anGel!"

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5 years ago

Yaad karo na karo hum gila nai karte,
Virane me bhi phool khila nai karte,
Magar itna yaad rakhna ke hum jaise Dost baar-baar mila nai karte.

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5 years ago

I like to share sms with boys and girls but i like quality sms not quantity means i like to share only new sms if u have new sms to share let start now

My no.

Send me first message
with ur name , age and in the end type

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5 years ago

Old Msgs R Deleted

When New Msgs Cum 2 Inbox

Old Frnds R Ignored Wen New1 Cums

Never Do Dis Mistake Coz Same

Msgs Can Be Created

But Not D Same Old Frnd !

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5 years ago

Friendz change, I know they do. . .

This friend always belong to u.
Friendz hurt,I know they do

This friend hurt more without "YOU"

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5 years ago

F r I e N d S h I p

Is LiKe A bAnK aCcOuNt

YoU cAnNoT cOnTiNuE tO dRaW oN iT


MaKiNg DePoSiTs (=

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5 years ago

Closeness Isn-t Alwayz Measured In Distance
Frndz Can Live Many Miles Away
The Bond Of Love Formd Long Ago
Keepz Them Close At Heart

Gud Morning smile.png

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