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5 years ago

Apni dosti ki gari kuch is qadar chal pari

Jaise kick marte hi bike chal pari

Dua hae na lge is mai koi break

Speed itni ho k na kr sake koi overtake ->

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5 years ago

hi how are you doing

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5 years ago

A True Friend Is §um one Who ßelieves U Are The ßest Person In The World

Even Though He knows U Are A Çomplete Çrack!



I-m Ur True Friend

Trust Me-

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5 years ago

You Are my pillar my stone of strength.
With me through all seasons & great times of lenght.

My love for you is pure boundless through space & time,

It grows stronger everyday with the knowledge that youll”ll be mine.

At the altar i will joyously say ‘I do’,
For i have it all now & it’s all because of you.

The only thing i want is to be with you.
I always pray to ”GOD”, To make thsi wish come true.

So that i can live my li

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5 years ago

Mai Palko ko Jhukata Hu,
Bazahir Muskurata Hu,
Fakat Itna keh Pata Hu,
IMDAD ko Kitna Satae Hu..
IMDAD ko tum YAAD Aate Ho.

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5 years ago

If You Find A Cute n nice

Hold Him With Both Hands


A Gud Friend Comes Once In A Lifetime ..


oho ab chor b dotongue.png

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5 years ago

Friend Is An Evergreen Relation

Which Never Thinks

Y We r Friends,

But Wen 2 Friends Miss

Each Other Their Heart

Feels Something Is Missing

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5 years ago

No One In Ths World Is Rich Enough

2 Buy His Own Childhood & Youth Back.

However FRNDS

Help Recreate Those

Moments Frm Time 2time

@ No Cost.

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5 years ago

Good Friendz R Like Tom & Jerry..

Sometimes Small Fights


Craps Keeps Them Apart,

But They Always

Come Back Together

To Run A Long Episode.

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5 years ago

When True Friends Meet In Adverse Hour
This Is Like A Sunbeam Through A Shower

A Watery Way An Instant Seen

The Darkly Closing Clouds Between (:

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