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5 years ago

Mai Palko ko Jhukata Hu,
Bazahir Muskurata Hu,
Fakat Itna keh Pata Hu,
IMDAD ko Kitna Satae Hu..
IMDAD ko tum YAAD Aate Ho.

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5 years ago

If You Find A Cute n nice

Hold Him With Both Hands


A Gud Friend Comes Once In A Lifetime ..


oho ab chor b dotongue.png

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5 years ago

Friend Is An Evergreen Relation

Which Never Thinks

Y We r Friends,

But Wen 2 Friends Miss

Each Other Their Heart

Feels Something Is Missing

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5 years ago

No One In Ths World Is Rich Enough

2 Buy His Own Childhood & Youth Back.

However FRNDS

Help Recreate Those

Moments Frm Time 2time

@ No Cost.

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5 years ago

Good Friendz R Like Tom & Jerry..

Sometimes Small Fights


Craps Keeps Them Apart,

But They Always

Come Back Together

To Run A Long Episode.

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5 years ago

When True Friends Meet In Adverse Hour
This Is Like A Sunbeam Through A Shower

A Watery Way An Instant Seen

The Darkly Closing Clouds Between (:

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5 years ago


"Any body can sympathise with the sufferings of a friend,but it requires a very fine nature to sympathise with a friends success" -,-

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5 years ago

Our Friendship

Kya Dekh Rahe Ho
END Karne Ka Soch To
Encounter Ho Jayega

|| Come Closer So I Can Slap You ||

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5 years ago

Kehne ko hamare pas lafz nai hain

Bhejne ko acha sa SMS nai hai

Par dil se 1awaz ati hai har bar

Apna khayal rakha karo
Q k hamare pas ap jesa dost nai .

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5 years ago

A Good Friend Is

A Connection To Life

A Tie To The Past

A Road To The Future

The Key To Sanity
In A Totally Insane World (:

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