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5 years ago

JisEy DIL kA QALAm Or MohAbAt ki Ink kehtE hy,

JisEy LAmho ki KitAAb Or YAAdon kA CoVEr kEhte hy,

YEhi Woh SubjECt hy jisEy Log "FRIENDSHIP"
kEhte hy

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5 years ago

Friendship is vast like Universe, deep like Ocean, high like Sky, strong like Iron, kind like Mother, cute like Me, and sweet like U!

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5 years ago

The Sweetest Souls

In You
Are Your

They Are Your

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5 years ago

I remember those days when we are running and playing together . . . Fighting over small problems . . . Scolding each other . . . Those events made you a very special one in my life. . .always be my friend. . . .

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5 years ago

A daily thought

A silent tear

A Constant wish that u r near

Words are few but thoughts r deep

Memories of our frenship i-ll always keep!!

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5 years ago

People like U are found once in a lifetime
So U betta takecare of urself bcuz
I dun want to waste an other lifetime to find such a

ShWeEt FrIeNd O_o ->

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5 years ago

Friendship is a "GIVE" and "TAKE" relationship..
I hope you agree with this saying

So "GIVE" me a treat and "TAKE" me to dinner


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5 years ago

Khuda se skutar manga Car di
Ghar manga bangla diya

Dost manga tumhe diya

Khuda ne tmhari bar aisa zulam Q kia ???

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5 years ago

Don-t Try To
Have Friend Who Can
Achieve Great Heights,
Have A Friend
Who Can Hold When
You Fall From
The Greatest Height.. !!

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5 years ago


Little More Trust Little Less Try,

Little More Faith Little Less Fight,

Little More Laugh Little Less Cry,

Little More We Little Less I ?!?

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