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5 years ago

FAKE FRIENDS: dont worry everything will be alright

galti ki ha ab bhugat. hr jaga zaleel hi krwaen

FAKE FRIENDS:u r looking dashing

kbi dhang k kapre bi pehen lia kr. hamesha charsi hi bna raen

FAKE FRIENDS:Ur dress is cool

REAL FRIENDS:Kis se le k pehna ha

FAKE FRIENDS:Its alright i-ll pay

REAL FRIENDS:Tera wallet ghr re gya hoga.tu ne mera walet jo dekh lia hai,ab apna

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5 years ago

I M¡ss My Fr¡ends

When I c some other Guys sitting around,


Slapping each other..

Their mischievous smiles switching to loud laughters..

Though strangers to me,
They represnt a part of my life I lost somewhre,

I miss my friends. I miss u all.
Stay happy where ever U r

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5 years ago

"kuch LOG"

kehte hain dosti pyar hai kuch LOG kehte hain dosti zindagi hai.Hum kehte hain dosti dosti hai..jis-se barh kar na pyar hai na zindagi hai.

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5 years ago

Have u ever THANKED frnds. For their smiles?
Their hellos?
Their taps at ur back?
Their way of callin ur name?

Imagine ur friends never doing tht anymore,could u bear it?
"small things usually go unoticed,but in reality,they are the ones who make life look so easy n cheerful:

"I THANK YOU 2 my dear" smile.png

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5 years ago

Sometime in life,
We run so fast that we dont notice anyone running wid us,
We notice them only When we fall
They stop to pick us up.
They are called FRIENDS.

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5 years ago

You May Hear Nothing From Me On How I Appreciate You,
Beyond That Silence, You Friendship Creates A Beautiful Sound In My "Heart"

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5 years ago

Aik acha ta-alluq barish ki tarah nahin k barasnay k baad khatam ho jaey
Balkay hawa ki tarah hai k kabhi kabhi khamosh mager hamesha aap k aas pass ho.

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5 years ago

Walk Lightly Into Our Lives
Slowly Into Our Mind
At 1st We Never Care Who They r
Later We Don-t Know Who We r Without Them (:

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5 years ago

"We are just friends"

Girls use this sentence when they want to start the relation.

Boys use it when they want to end the relation. -)

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5 years ago

(AaZma¡§h DAY)

Aaj doston ko azmane ka din hai..
Apne har dost ko jis trha azmana hai azmao me b apko azma raha hon



Yar 500 ka ezy load to kara do.

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