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6 years ago

Height of Courage-
A Senior student during ragging says
"on ur marriage Ill kiss ur wife"
Junior: Ok fine im going 2 marry ur Sister..!

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Once 3 eggs fall on the ground but only 2 eggs broke!

Sometimes it happenes, dont take tension!

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The m0st t0uching -break up shayari- ever-

dil t0d ke dete ho pyar ki tanhai ka khauf..

dil t0d ke dete h0 pyar ki tanhai ka khauf..

F**k off!

F**k off!

F**k off! Lol

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Wright brothrs


Graham Bell



Saale ko dhundo re, Pakad k Marenge.!!

From: MAX

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6 years ago

3 guys named
were talking

WHAT:WHY what r u doing..

WHY:i dont know what i am doing


WHY:why r u caling me..what..

WHAT:now why did u call me..

WHY:what! When did i call u..

WHEN:in ur problem why r u calling me..

WHY:what.. did i cal u.. When..

WHAT & WHEN: what

WHEN:why r u calling urself..

WHY: did i call myself, when..


WHAT:why did u call me..

WHY & WHEN: what!

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6 years ago

Bad observation about boysfrown.png
If girl in luv,
Her parents ask-who-s dat IDIOT..
If boy in luv,
His parents ask-Idiot, who-s dat girl..
MORAL:No mattr whoevr in luv,
Boyz r alwz idiots.:p

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6 years ago

Gulab to Gulab hai Chahe use tum sone ke kunde me rkho ya mitti ke Dost to aap hamare ho Chahe aap central jail me raho ya pagal khane me

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6 years ago

Superb message..
How gals think b4 replying..

Guy: Hey.
gal (to herself): Oh my God.. he just texted me.. I wonder what he wants.. maybe he just wants to talk.. maybe he-s mad at me, i mean all he said was hey.. I should just answer him, i don-t want to keep him waiting..well maybe i-ll wait another 3 minutes so he thinks i-m busy.. no, that-s too obvious. Could this mean he-s into me.. Or is he just bored.. Either way is fine, i mean i don-t care if he likes me back. who said that

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6 years ago

If you never want to see a man again, say: I love you, I want to marry you, I want to have children - they leave skid marks.

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6 years ago

Wife: If I dismiss the cook and make the food myself for a month, what
will you pay me..

Husband: I won-t have to pay you, you-ll get my entire insurance amount.

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