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9 years ago

Agr koi kafeer Apse puche ki Ap logo ko dafnate Q he
hm logo ko to jalate he
to ye jawab dena ki khazana hmesha dafnaya jata he or kachra hmesha jalaya jata he.

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9 years ago

Stand in the respect
of your FATHER and
TEACHER, wether
you will be the

Hazrat Ali (R.A)

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9 years ago

Rasoolallah Mohmmed(PBUH) ne farmaya namaj padha karo ye mere aankho ki thandak he aur har namaj insan ko buland karti h

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9 years ago

One Who Pursues
A Goal Through Sinful
Way, Will Ironically
Distance Himself From
That Goal And Will
Approach What He Was
Afraid Of ..

Imam Hussain {R.A}

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9 years ago

&quotNAMAZ&quot is not a
&quotSpare Wheel&quot
that U pull out in
It is the
&quotSteering Wheel&quot
that directs U to the
right path in life..
So always keep
driving !!

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9 years ago

4 benifits of

1. Recite while leaving house, 70000 angels will protect u 4m all side.
2. Recite while entering home, poverty wont entr ur home
3. Recite aftr wuzu, if raises ur status 70 times.
4. Recite while sleeping 1 angel will protect u whole night.

Tell evry1, its sadaqa jaria!!

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9 years ago

&quotThen as to those who
disbelieve I will
chastise them with
severe chastisement
in this world and the
hereafter and they
shall have no
helpers .&quot

&lt Al- Qura-an &gt

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9 years ago

Shaitaan ne ALLAH se,

puchha: dunia me mera khana kya hoga.,

ALLAH ne kaha- Jo khana koi musalman bina "BISMILLAH" K khayega wahi tumhara khana hoga..

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9 years ago

Hazrat Mohamad (S.A.W)

&quotOne who recites
Durood Shareef 1000
times daily won-t die
unless he sees his
home in Jannat&quot

Subhan Allah

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9 years ago

Why it is hard 2tel TRUTH,but easy 2LIE..
Y do v sleep DURING SALAH time but wake up when SALAH is over..
Y is it hard2 talk abt ALLAH,bt easy 2talk abt NASTY STUFF..
Y r v bored 2luk at ISLAMIC MAGAZINE, bt easy 2luk at dirty 1..
Y is it ezy2 delete RELIGIOUS MSG,bt v 4ward nonsense 1.
Y r MASJIDS geting smaller,bt BARS &amp CLUBS growin.
Y do u waste time and money using MOBILE bt nt reading QURAN.
Think abt it..
R u 4ward-g dis..
ALLAH is watching u..

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