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9 years ago

Sms song
A ji
O ji
lo ji padho ji,main hu mobile moji,karta hu sms to tum bhi karoji,
1 2 ka 4
4 2 ka 1
amul is makkhan my friend is dhakkan

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9 years ago

Raah badal jate hai par raaste nahi badlte,tufan aaye fir bhi mausam nahi badlte,gile shikwe kitne hi ho magar sacche dost kabhi nahi badlte

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9 years ago

never be worried about delay in your success,as compare to other
because contraction of wonder takes more time than ordinary success.

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9 years ago

If you manage to smile to at any situation,ur the winner of highest number of heart in the world so face everything with smile.

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9 years ago

Relations is like a staples pin,its easy to attach but difficult to detach,even after you detach leaves the PERMANENT lasting impression on paper.

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9 years ago

Life never turns way which we want! but we live it the best way we can!there's no perfect life,but we can fill it with perfect moments!!!!

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9 years ago

Na jeene ki khushi na marne ka gam,gam hai to use na milne ka gam,jeete hai esliye ki kabhi kabhi wo hamare ho jayenge,marte nahi esliye ki wo akele raha jayenge.

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9 years ago

Bil gates never did laxmi pooja but he is richest man,a.eaistain never did swarswati pooja but he was most intelligent,
so believe in work not in luck.

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9 years ago

Ladkiyo ki kavita:
husband mera aisa ho,bank me jiska paisa ho,lambi jiski height ho,jab sas se meri fight ho,to kahe janu tum hi right ho.

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9 years ago

Pyar se hamme koi gila nahi,Qki pyar hume kabhi mila hi nahi,hamne to umarbhar sirf dosti,Qki dosto se jyada pyar krne wala,hme koi mila hi nahi.

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