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7 years ago

That before and after marriage situation.

Girl: When we get married I will share all your problems and stand by you in
times of pain and suffering.
Boy: Sweet. But honey I don’t have any problems right now.
Girl: Aww… sweety. That is because we are not married yet wink.png

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7 years ago

Banta and his girlfriend have a chat at a romantic dinner.
Girlfriend: "Will you love me even after marriage Banta?"
Banta looks around in surprise and says,
"If your husband agrees then yes I surely will."

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7 years ago

Pyaar Ke Geet Gayenge Hum;
Apni Ek Nayi Duniya Basaayenge Hum;
Jo In Hawaaon Se Diya Bujh Gaya;
Unhe Bech Kar Philips Ke Bulb Layenge Hum..!

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7 years ago

ek hasrat dil main dabi rah gayi.
Jindgi main unki kami rah gayi.
Itni ulfat ke baad bhi wo mujhe na mile.
Sayad mairi chahat main kucha kami rah gayi.

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